Accuri Cytometers, Inc.
Accuri has been depending upon CCM as our main source of supply for all of our sheet-metal fabrication for approximately 15 months. The purpose of this communication is to take a pause in the typical flurry of daily activity to recognize and articulate the appreciation that Accuri has for the support that CCM has supplied to this point.

We have had to depend upon CCM to "flesh-out" our design work to convert our basic concepts into workable drawing packages that could then be used to actually fabricate parts.

CCM has exhibited a continuous pro-active partnership with Accuri in giving us guidance regarding applications of material and geometric Tolerancing and positioning considerations. We have had the good fortune to work with your engineering staff to review our designs and actually "clean-up" our drawing package during the prototyping phases to yield workable evaluation parts. You have been instrumental in providing quick-turn capability to fabricate the prototype designs Accuri wants to evaluate, typically in short-notice and in an ever-changing requirements environment.

Accuri has a very particular need for the presentation of an image as reflected in the explicit requirements for the color, shade and hue of the paint that is applied to the body of our machine's outer chassis and top cover. CCM spent countless hours working with us and evaluating the specific processes that had to be pursued to get the colors "just right".

In general, Accuri has a philosophy of creating partnerships with it's main suppliers of parts. The word "partnership" in the Accuri sense is that our supplier get emotionally involved with our product and establishes the same level of passion that we have in getting our products to market as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost and in the highest possible quality. It's an easy statement to make, but difficult to achieve when an organization has many customers to service. CCM has demonstrated the mindset that aligns with the relationship that Accuri desires to achieve with it's main suppliers. It is always easy to work with you guys, you always provide insightful comments that save time and cost. You are flexible and responsive to the ever changing whims and demands of our company.

So... for the support that you have provided Accuri up to this point, I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your organization. I have no doubt that our working relations will continue to be open, pleasant and supportive. Thanks for helping us to achieve a very successful launch of our product line in 2008 and the exponential growth we are expecting in 2009.

Accuri salutes you,

T. S. Zager
VP Manufacturing
Accuri Cytometers, Inc.
(734) 994-8000 x116

Tom from Accuri Cytometers: 12/2007
Tom needed a quick turn quote and review of their specifications for manufacturability:
"Thanks for your quick response and we are looking forward to working with you guys in the future".

Sara from Sopark: 08/2008
Sara's customer dropped in an unexpectedly large order that would make or break their 2nd quarter:
"I want to thank you again for getting the enclosures out to us today, so we can ship to our Customer on Monday. Your efforts are very much appreciated."

Mary from Intel: 8/and 10/2008
Mary was part of a global Intel team that was tasked with transferring existing product from an overseas supplier to CCM, in a very aggressive timeframe:
"Good to hear we are on track for shipment tomorrow and that things have progressed nicely. I really appreciate the hard work and support of you and the entire CCM team… thanks again."

"CCM team, I realize this was not a quick or easy task to complete, so please accept my sincere thanks to all of you that made this happen."

Joel from Jabil: 10/2008
Joel saw a spike in his Customer requirements, and needed a quick turn on a long lead time item:
"Please ship overnight, for Saturday AM delivery. Thanks AGAIN for the quick turn on these!"

June 29, 2007




Congratulations!!. It is of great satisfaction communicating that your Supplier Service Level Rating (SSL) and Quality Rating (QR) from Quarter 1st in 2007 were 100% and 100% respectively. In accordance with our expectations from CRAFTSMAN CUSTOM METALS .these, ratings confirm that you are one of the most reliable suppliers that Nypro K√°naak has. We want to express our sincere commitment for continuous improvement.

100 %


Margarita Rodriguez