CCM NPI Prototype Program
NPI Program
Managing Risk & Quality in Developing Prototypes

Prototypes: Rapid Response When You Need it Most

We specialize in quick-turn prototypes and maintain a dedicated rapid response manufacturing cell for prototypes and new product introductions. This cell is manned by some of the best trained and most experience journeymen in our company.

This rapid response cell is equipped with multiple lasers, turrets, press brakes and all the necessary equipment and tooling to produce quick turn-around prototypes and short run orders. We can, in most cases, produce a prototype in 3 to 5 working days, depending on the complexity of the project.

NPI Program: Managing Risk & Quality in Developing Prototypes

We At CCM we know that one of the most important and critical tasks facing companies today is to be first to market with their new products in order to beat the competition. CCM's NPI Program helps manage the risk of new product introductions and improves the process.

Our NPI program enables you to prove your product design with low risk, high quality domestic manufacturing. You can easily come on-site to our centrally located facility near O'Hare Airport in the Chicago area. You can get your product up and running, test the market and when you are ready for mass production, we will help you make a smooth transition to an international manufacturing facility.

The CCM NPI Program:

Product Development

  • Project Manager is Assigned
  • Engineers Review Design for Manufacturability
  • Engineers Conduct Failure Modes Analysis

Process Design and Development

  • Preliminary BOM and Work Instructions are Created
  • Prototype is Released
  • Attain FAI Approval

Product and Process Validation

  • Pilot Build Kick off
  • Finalize BOM and Work Instructions
  • PPAP Approval
  • Pilot Build Post Mortem
  • Cell Manager sign-off

Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Actions

  • Closed Loop Corrective Actions
  • Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Value Add vs. Non-Value Add analysis
  • Training Documentation

Control Plan Methodology

  • Sustain Mass Production Controls
  • Sustain Closed Loop Corrective Action
  • Sustain Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis

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