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Mark D. Cagle Receives ASQ-Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Recognition

The Certification Board of the American Society for Quality is pleased to announce that Mark D. Cagle has completed the requirements to be named an ASQ-Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. As such, Mark D. Cagle has reached a significant level of professional recognition, indicating a proficiency in and a comprehension of quality management principles and practices. Individuals who earn this certification are allowed to use "ASQ-CMQOE" on their business cards and professional correspondence.

A Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence is a professional who understands quality standards and concepts, can implement organizational assessments, and maintain customer satisfaction and focus. The Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence demonstrates an ability to manage projects that support strategic objectives and motivate human resources in the support of organizational goals.

Huala C(CM) - Joint Venture

Craftsman Custom Metals, C(Cm), and the Henderson, Buenos Aires based cutting tools manufacturing company, Hijos de Cesar Huala S.C. have entered in an agreement of a Joint Venture. The joint venture is aimed at exploring the opportunities in the emerging US sheet metal market in South America for high-end electronics, hardware, telecom sectors and automotive components in the markets of the Mercosur.

Though there are buy back arrangements catering to the existing customers of CCM on a global scale, the strategy will be to capture the emerging markets in the electronics and telecom sector. The joint venture will set up an ultramodern plant in Henderson to meet the emerging business needs.

Huala C(Cm) will begin operations in September 2006.

CCM and Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd Form Joint Venture

Precision sheet metal and integrated assemblies player Craftsman Custom Metals, C(Cm), and Aurangabad based auto component and assemblies company, Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd. have formed a joint venture aimed at exploring the emerging US$ 250 million opportunity in sheet metal for the high end electronics, hardware and telecom sector in the India markets. The strategy will be to capture the emerging markets in the electronics and telecom sector. The joint venture will set up an ultramodern plant in India to meet the emerging business needs.

Chicago based CCM is a major provider of integrated solutions of precision sheet metal components with a strong list of customers across the high end hardware and electronics industries, offering services ranging from design and prototyping to complete assemblies. Julio Gesklin, President — CCM comments, "India is very strongly poised for a rapid growth across the telecom and electronics sectors. We want to offer our expertise and three decades of expertise to clients here through our association with the Rucha group." Rucha has grown over the last decade as a significant player in auto components and assemblies to major OEMs in the country. "We are keen to participate in the explosive growth in precision manufacturing and extend our expertise beyond automotive applications" says Umesh Dashrathi, Chairman — Rucha Engineers Pvt Ltd.

With a projected investment of over USD 10 mm over the next five years, the joint venture will cater to industries ranging from computing and Networking Hardware, Bio-Medical equipment, Telecom, Instrumentation to Electrical equipments for their sheet metal components and assemblies requirements across the globe. The JV is expected to provide over 200 jobs over the first five years.

CCM Adds Production Capabilities in China

Responding to the needs of our customer base, CCM has added manufacturing capabilities in China. CCM is now able to offer integration services along with production of sheet metal fabricated products, stamped products and tool builds in the both the US and Asian regions. The US and Asian facilities mirror themselves, subsequently our Partners can be assured their final products will have the attention to detail and quality they have come to expect from CCM over the years. The facility, located in WuXi, is the first step in CCM's long term strategy to offer Global solutions of all our services to our valued Partners. CCM is currently evaluating production solutions in South America and Europe.

CCM Leadership Team Offered Ownership Interest in the Company

Julio Gesklin, President and CEO of CCM, announces that the Leadership Team at CCM have been offered ownership interest in the business. Julio maintains a controlling interest in CCM and continues as President and CEO of CCM. As CCM continues to strive for and reach its goals, Julio believed the time was right to extend ownership interest to the Team that has driven the company forward. Julio has always believed that with ownership interest comes a higher level of commitment, determination, responsibility and pride. The entire Team, all active in the day to day operations of the business, looks forward to this new opportunity and a successful future as CCM continues its drive to expand and grow the company.


CCM announces a new alliance with Axis Manufacturing, Inc. Axis Manufacturing's capabilities include custom machining, machined parts prototypes, fixtures and special tools. Many of our clients require custom machining to complete their products. CCM's strategy of offering our Partners expanded capabilities and sourcing management makes the alliance with Axis Manufacturing a perfect match. Our customers can now place their machining requirements along with their sheet metal fabrication, stamping, injection molded plastics and integration needs directly with CCM. This reduces the need to place multiple purchase orders with different suppliers. CCM will handle it all making it a seamless transaction for our Partners.