Domestic to International Production: The Smart Choice for New Products

Starting your manufacturing process domestically can dramatically reduce the risk of new product introductions. While international manufacturing may reduce some costs, it can increase many of the costs related to the start of up of manufacturing. With CCM we will help you get your product up and running with a domestic pilot.

If you start domestically, you can prove your design near Chicago and pilot production without making several trips or spending several weeks or months oversees. You can begin with short-run production while you test your product here. If the product is successful and large volume production is needed, we will help you transition to an international manufacturer. If volume stays low, it may make sense to maintain your manufacturing here until volumes increase.

The life cycle for many products today is short lived making it critical to bring product to market in rapid fashion. This may give your company that competitive edge needed in this global economy and help generate revenue on a timelier basis. CCM’s domestic to international solution is designed to do just that. Help our Partners create revenue!!