Cell Teams
Beckman-Coulter Cell Team
Beckman-Coulter Cell is a dedicated cell focusing on a low volume high mix product line. This cell has all the equipment necessary to produce these soft tooled products in a self contained cell. This cell is capable of producing over 600 different products in any given month depending on our customers order mix for that time period.
That's Flexibility!
MCC Cell Team
MCC Cell is geared to the requirements of many customers using a unique system of mini-cells to produce both small and large volumes with various assembly requirements. This cell has both soft tooled and hard tooled capabilities and the flexibility to produce many different types of products.
That's Focus!
BCT Team:
Dan Stewart
Evelio Almanza
Antonia Garcia
MCC Team:
Norma Badillo
Evelio Almanza
Ivette Castaneda
NPI Cell Team
The NPI Cell is dedicated to the design, development and creation of production-grade, FAI prototypes and pilot builds. It is here that your design is proven and the beginning steps are taken to bring your product to market.
That's Trust!
Alcatel/Lucent Team
Alcatel/Lucent Cell combines both soft tooling and hard tooling capabilities to produce the exact formula needed to produce our customer's mid-volume range requirements. Assembly is an important aspect for completion of these products to a level four integration and this cell has an assembly line designed to make sure the product is manufactured and tested in the correct configuration.
That's Execution!
NPI Team:
Cristina Estrada
Chinh Nguyen
Jose Luis Alejandre
Maria Jimenez
Grace Ojeda
Mario Solis
Roman Kramarz
LUC Team:
Evelio Almanza
Liliana Estrada