Case Studies

Data Storage

A major manufacture of Data Storage Equipment wanted to increase production throughput in their facility, reduce inventory levels, and reduce lead times to their customers. They asked CCM to review their facility and product line and offer a solution as to how this could be accomplished.

The proposal to the client was to utilize CCM's prototype capabilities which would allow them to eliminate their sheet metal prototype production. The net result was the client was able to free up 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space to implement a work cell dedicated to their key customer. This allowed the client to produce a higher mix of products with dramatically reduced lead times, enabling them to secure additional business from their customer.

CCM also suggested that we produce products to a higher level of integration/assembly, and add a KanBan inventory system. CCM's dedicated cellular process was utilized to produce the required metal components, final assembly, and packaging. The client was able to receive products ready for testing which eliminated that step of the manufacturing process. This allowed CCM's customer to concentrate on the final testing of the product which increased their throughput by 20% enabling them to be more customer responsive. The KanBan inventory system reduced the amount of inventory carried on their floor from 4 weeks supply to 2 days supply. In addition, extra floor space was gained to increase the number of final test stations which meant additional increase in throughput.

The above actions resulted in significant cost reduction, better utilization of their facility while increasing revenue all of assisted the customer in exceeding budgeted results.


Craftsman Custom Metals is a world class, solution-based manufacturing company serving OEM and EMS customers with highly engineered encasements, chassis and structural components.

For more than 50 years, CCM has provided superior sheet metal fabrication, stampings, assemblies and integration to the electronics, computer peripherals, data storage, medical instrumentation, telecommunication and transportation industries.

At the core of our success is expertise in cellular manufacturing. Cellular manufacturing assures quality product that is delivered on time, using minimal inventory. Our approach to cellular manufacturing enables us to support high-mix, low-volume applications as well as low-mix high-volume requirements.

The CCM engineering team offers its expertise, providing ideas for products designed for CCM's dedicated quality and production teams work collaboratively with customers to provide superior quality engineering support, rapid prototypes, on-time delivery and high quality production parts.

CCM makes it easy to do business. Our approach means your company can increase throughput while satisfying your own requirements and exceeding your customers' expectations.

Try CCM on your next program and learn what our other partners have come to expect: Engineering support, Rapid prototypes, on-time delivery, high quality production parts and ease of doing business.

Our customers are our valued partners.

Medical Instrumentation

A major player in the Medical Instrumentation Industry had a very complex product line with over 765 part numbers. Their first objective was to identify a more effective process in which to manage the large number of parts, reduce inventory levels and reduce lead-times to their customer base. A second objective was to identify a better process of control when programs went into the end of life phase. Finally, they were looking to consolidate their vendor base but were having difficulty identifying a supplier that could meet all of their needs.

Craftsman Custom Metals (CCM) proposed using a dedicated manufacturing cell capable of producing minimum runs based on production requirements. Also a KanBan inventory system would be introduced to reduce inventory levels. CCM provided an on-site material manager located within the customer's facility to control the material feed to the customer's manufacturing floor, JIT.

The KanBan inventory system combined with an on-site material manager lowered the amount of inventory on the customer's floor from 4 weeks to 2 days. It also increased the amount of space available in their facility for final assembly, testing and shipment of product. The benefit to the customer was a reduction in the amount of time needed in their manufacturing cycle, increasing their throughput by 20%.

The CCM system made it possible to produce a high mix of products with drastically reduced lead-times, which in turn, allowed the customer to win additional business, increase throughput and minimized their end of life material risk.